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SoundTaxi - Convert DRM Music

Convert protected WMA, MP3, AAC(iTunes), M4p to unprotected MP3, CD, iPod and

other MP3 player file formats at high speed and CD quality- legally.


SoundATaxi Short Description:  
Easily convert DRM protected music files and various audio files to unprotected MP3, CD, iPod and other MP3 player file formats at high speed and CD quality- legally.

What's New in DVD-CLONER

New generation of DVD-Cloner

Newly designed encoding and burning engines. Supports episodic DVDs and the ability to create customized copies. Preview your favorite chapter.

Improved interface is much easier to use. Supports most DVD burners. Fixed the bugs found in DVD-Cloner IV.

Price:  $59.99   $89.99       (Save $30)

DVD-CLONER IV is a genuine DVD 2 DVD Cloner software!

DVD-Cloner IV
makes copying DVD's with your DVD burner a reality and the DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW copied by DVD-Cloner III is the same as the original DVD movie, in true DVD format.
It adopts MPEG2 format. DVD films burned by DVD-CLONER III wiht the audio and video are as perfect as the original DVD.

DVD-CLONER IV Key Features:

  • Easy to copy DVD Fool proof! Backup DVD with just one click and everything is ok!
  • DVD-9 to DVD-9 Dual layers 8.5GB DVD+R supported. DVD-CLONER V2.40 supports double layer DVD+R discs!Copy D9 to D9!
  • DVD-9 to DVD-5 A D9 (8GB) DVD movie can be copied to one regular D5 DVD+R/RW DVD-R/RW (4.7GB).
  • High speed DVD copy The copy of a 2- hour DVD movie can be finished within one hour.
  • Perfect 1:1 DVD copy Copy DVD movies without distortion.Ripper included,Copy any encryped DVD movies!
  • High compatibility DVD Cloner 3 supports most popular DVD burners.
  • Multi language Support most popular languages.
How to clone a DVD movie by DVD Cloner IV
  1. Download DVD Cloner IV first and install it by the instruction, after setup it ,you can run it by double click the icon on the desktop.
  2. Choice your source and target. And put the source DVD to DVD-Rom and target DVD disc to the DVD burner.If you have a DVD burner only, you can choice it both source and target.Put source DVD first, and after convert, It will remind you to change disc.
  3. If you run DVD Cloner III first time,you need to click to make configuration. working dir, To choice your temporary directory. you need to select it to a bigger partition of you system, and ensure that partition have 10G free hard disk space at least. (If your clone D5 DVD or use "fit on 1 disc" option, 5G hard disk space is enough.) Clone mode, To choice the mode of target DVD disc. You have two option:"Fit on 1 disc"-- D9 DVD would clone to 1 4.7G D5 disc. "Split discs"-- D9 DVD would split two 4.7G D5 discs.
  4. After all of the preparation,click the Start button to start convert.Convert and buring need about 1 hour totally(arange from half hour to 2 hours). After that ,you can get your perfect DVD copy.You can use you computer and DVD player to play it .Now enjoy it!
DVD Cloner IV Summary:

DVD Cloner IV is a perfect DVD cloner product and one of the few available that includes the CSS decryptor and supports more DVD-Drivers and more faster speed.
The user interface is very simple and easy to use and the Help is very detail and useful in finding the answers to all DVD copying questions, many users have tested and selected DVD Cloner IV ...


DVD Cloner IV System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000/Windows XP
  • Pentium-III 450 MHz or faster processor and at least 64 MB of RAM
  • 5 GB free hard disk space for DVD-5
  • 10GB free hard disk space for DVD-9
  • DVD burner DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW and DVD ROM driver(optional)

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