GhostSurf 2005 Platinum

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GhostSurf 2005 Platinum

GhostSurf 2005 Platinum Screenshot

GhostSurf 2005 Platinum in brief:

        Your personal and financial information is at risk on the Internet.
        GhostSurf 2005 Platinum ensures your privacy by providing an anonymous, encrypted Web connection.
        GhostSurf 2005 Platinum stops spyware, eliminates ads and erases your tracks.

Price:  $49.95

Buy GhostSurf 2005 Platinum Now!GhostSurf 2005 Platinum protects your privacy and prevents Internet pests from spoiling your online experience.
GhostSurf 2005 Platinum ensures your safety online by providing an anonymous, encrypted Internet connection, as well as stopping spyware, eliminating ads and erasing your tracks.

GhostSurf 2005 Platinum Key Features:

  • Lets you customize your privacy level in real-time to suit your surfing needs
    A variety of options enable you to block personal information, mask IP address, route data through anonymous hubs and even encrypt Internet connection.
  • Controls what information reaches the Web
    GhostSurf Platinum lets you see and block every piece of data that your computer emits over the Internet.
  • Comes with SpyCatcher
    Advanced anti-spyware product which deletes spyware, adware, trojan files and more to military-level standards.
  • Includes TracksCleaner
    It protects your privacy by erasing your Web history, temporary files, clipboard, cache, cookies, more to Department of Defense standards.
  • Prevents undelete tools from recovering wiped data
    Government-standard methods are used to stop aggressive hardware recovery systems from retrieving deleted files.
  • Stores confidential information securely with the Personal Data Vault
    Vaults are password-protected and encrypted to ensure your security.
  • Enables you to eliminate all kinds of advertisements with AdArmor
    Includes pop-up, in-page and paid search engine ads as well as ActiveX, flashing text and more.
GhostSurf 2005 Platinum System Requirements:
  • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP
  • Pentium 350MHz or better
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 16 MB hard disk space

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