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MPC Editor

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The MPC Editor allows you to create MPC2000, MPC2000XL and MPC3000 program files on your PC. You can adjust various settings, such as mute groups, mixer settings, tuning, and resonance. It allows you to assign samples to particular pads by dragging and dropping the sample files from the sample list to the pads. When you are done creating your application, you can either save your program or export the new program and sounds to drive of your choice.

The MPC does not support transfers over SCSI, so this application creates and saves everything as files in which you load from disk on the MPC. Created programs are compatible with the MPC2000, MPC2000XL and MPC3000.

Features:Add samples to program by selecting wave or snd files.Preview wave files in editor.Open and edit existing programs.Remove/add samples to existing programs.Single interface to set mixer and note settings for a pad.Export function exports program file and necessary samples to any drive/directory.Export function connverts wave files to .snd files for compatibility.


Note: If you have the former MPC2kEditor, please go back to and download the new and improved MPC Editor. Registering it will bring you back here.

See more about MPC Editor at it homepage...

Home :: Utilities ::  MPC Editor
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