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MCS - Music Conversion Suite

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Wouldn't it be nice to convert all those old, dusty LPs into nice shiny, new CDs?

Well, now you can, without the expense of having to buy them all again. MCS will rip all your old vinyls and tapes straight to your computer, from where you can burn them to CDs or convert them to MP3s.

All you need is an old tapedeck or turntable (even a walkman or portable cassette player will do), a soundcard with a line-in, and some LPs.

MCS has the following features:

  • Rips LPs, Tapes, Singles
  • Splits albums into individual tracks by detecting the gap between tracks
  • Fully customisable detection settings
  • Manual track cut - overrides automatic gap detection
  • On the fly settings changing - change settings even as you are ripping!
  • Outputs 44khz high quality PCM WAV files
  • Fast multi file WAV to MP3 convertor
  • File name offsetting - for ripping side 2 of an album
  • Expected No of tracks can be specified to provide auto stopping of ripping process
  • Graphical display of sound input
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Integrated HTML Help
requirements: Windows XP, soundcard with line-in

See more about MCS - Music Conversion Suite at it homepage...

Home :: Utilities ::  MCS - Music Conversion Suite
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