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Free Mp3 Format ActiveX

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Free DLL packed with Mp3 To Wave Conversion, Wave To Mp3 Conversion and other Audio Format Exchange Functions for Windows Development. Lets programmers handle long file names (paths) and also provides compact wav-to-mp3 or mp3-to wav functions. Context menu based free Mp3 to Wave, Wave to Mp3, Wave To Wave and Audio effects Application. Following effects and formats are included: Frequency: sampling frequency of input file (kHz) - default 44.1 kHz (8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48) Bit Width: MP3 input bit width (default 16)(8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160) Compression: MP3 Compression level (default 0.1 (low)) (Custom level : 0.1(low),0.2,0.3#..0.10(High)) Mode effects: MP3 manages five mode effects. Stereo, Joint, Force, Mono or Auto (default is Stereo or Joint depending on bitrate,force = force ms_stereo on all Frames. auto jstereo, with varialbe mid/side threshold) Scaling: MP3 input (multiply pCM) Scaling uses ten levels (0.1 to 0.9).It also includes channels scaling i.e. right and left scaling. Noise Shapping: Noise shaping & psycho acoustic algorithms uses ten level from 0.0 to 0.9.It also includes recommended and custom facilities.Filters:Lowpass filter cutoff above freq, default 15% of lowpass freq, Highpass filter cutoff below freq, Default 15% of highpass freqVersion Tagging: This section contains ID3/Version tagging.It contains name, album, year of issuing ,artist and comments.Wave Setting Channel: It includes four types to channel selecting. These are Output first (left) channel only Output second (right) channel only Mix left and right channels for monaural output Force stereo outputAudio Output Types: It includes four types of audio output. These are Request DEPTH bits per sample Do not Dither output PCM samples Fade-in Songs over DURATION (default 0:05) Attenuate signal by DECIBELS (-) Amplify signal by DECIBELS (+)Output first (left) channel only Output Format Types: It includes four types of output format. These are CD audio, 16-bit 44100 Hz stereo PCM (*.cdr, *.cda) Audio IFF, [16-bit] PCM (*.aif, *.aiff) Microsoft RIFF/WAVE, [16-bit] PCM (*.wav) Sun/NeXT audio, 8-bit ISDN mu-law (*.au, *.snd) Binary [16-bit] host-endian linear PCM No output (decode only) Wave Format SettingFollowing Section describes the Sound Exchange which is used in Wave format conversion.Number of Types Supported: Sox needs to know the formats of the input and output files. File formats which have headers are checked, if that header doesn't seem right, the program exits with an appropriate message. urrently, raw (no header) binary and textual data, Amiga 8SVX, Apple/SGIAIFF, SPARC.AU (w/header), NeXT .SND, CD-R, CVSD, GSM 06.10, Mac HCOM, Sound Tools MAUD, OSS device drivers, Turtle Beach .SMP, Sound Blaster, Sndtool, and Sounder, Sun Audio device driver, Yamaha TX-16W Sampler, IRCAM Sound Files, Cre- ative Labs VOC, Psion .WVE, and Microsoft RIFF/WAV are supported.Compression by: The sample data is signed linear (2's comple- ment), unsigned linear, U-law (logarithmic), A- law (logarithmic), ADPCM, or GSM. U-law and A- law are the U.S. and international standards for logarithmic telephone sound compression. ADPCM is form of sound compression that has a good compromise between good sound quality and fast encoding/decoding time. GSM is a standard usedfor telephone sound compression in European countries and its gaining popularity because of its quality.Data Rate Ratio: The sample data is in bytes, 16-bit words, 32-bit longwords, 32-bit floats, 64-bit double floats, or 80-bit IEEE floats. Floats and dou-ble floats are in native machine format.Audio Effects available:Reverse,swap,Mask,cut (with loop number),Deemph (only audio CD) and Fender Vibro Champ sound effect.

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Home :: Utilities ::  Free Mp3 Format ActiveX
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