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DGPDev Tools Subscription

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This Low Priced Subscription Service is Designed For Anyone who has audio and video needs. You get access per paying month to exclusive online audio and video tools. from audio encoding , decoding to cd ripping to dvd ripping and encoding to even cd burning. what's better is that you can use it on any computer you wish while you have time on the subscription. you can order anytime you wish we do not charge for time you do not order, we only provide time that you order. The Site is updated often and will receive exclusive first use of all tools made from within this sites subscription area. all controls are used from within internet explorer. every tool we have is at your fingertips all from within your web browser. fOR EXAMPLE You go to the cd rip site. you can stick in a cd in your drive and from the browser it will display your tracks. you can then pick the tracks to rip and rip them to any format supported mp3, wma, wav, ogg , compressed wav any that is supported :) all this is done while taking no information. no information is sent to anywhere because we don't gather info we just are providing tools to use exclusively online with any computer you wish to log on the site with. you will be provided with the a login and password to login to the site to use the tools. from any where you can access our site you can access the tools. When Ordering if you set the quantity to higher then 1 you will get that many months subscription time.

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Home :: Utilities ::  DGPDev Tools Subscription
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Tool for converting between most popular audio formats: WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG.

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