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Remember those old top-loading VCR's - with no remote, no on-screen programming, no VCR-Plus, and no fast-forward button - that were more cumbersome than they were functional? Compare those old relics with today's best and you'll perhaps be able to envision the difference between the antiquated "volume control" utility built into ALL versions of "Windows" (even Windows ME and Windows 2000) unchanged and unimproved since it first shipped with Windows-95 (version one!) way back in 1995--and today's new-technology replacement: AudioSphere!In its "maximized" form, AudioSphere's compact design occupies only a minimal amount of desktop real estate--and when minimized, it's only one click away. AudioSphere not only incorporates all the most useful functions of the old Windows "Volume" utility, but also offers four one-click presets, convenient "bass-treble" and "balance" adjustments, a channel inversion option (to reverse left-right stereo channels), one-click muting, one-click "normalization", and more - even a user-configurable analog clock!

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Home :: Utilities ::  AudioSphere
4 Musics Multiformat Converter

Tool for converting between most popular audio formats: WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG.

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