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AudioLocator 3.0

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AudioLocator 3.0 is the most powerful FTP search tool available. Simply type in the song, artist, or album in the search box and hit Locate.*New Interface - The new easy-to-use interface has the power of thisprogram, with the feel of a Web Page. All the features of the program can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate "section" of the program.*AudioLocatorLIVE - Built-in feature that displays daily music news andupcoming CD releases. This content is updated daily.*Audio Protocol - This feature is new in version 3.0. AudioLocator 3.0 can be automatically launched and search for a specific title, Rightfrom a web page. One click launches and searches- making it easy for the user. (Webmasters: see the AudioProtocol.html file included with this program for more information.)*Use Classic Interface - AudioLocator 3.0 contains a second user-interface for more advanced users. The Classic Interface uses AudioLocator 2.0's design- all features are accessed through menus.*Add Your FTP Site - You can now add your FTP to the database with AudioLocator 3.0. If you host a FTP server on your computer, simply fill out the information about your site and click Add. Your sitewill be immediately added to the search database.*Ratio Blocker - Using the Ratio Blocker will filter out all sitesthat require you upload a file.*Auto-Updating - This program will detect if you are using the latestversion of AudioLocator. If a newer version is detected, it will askyou if you would like to update the software.*Extended Help Information - Each screen contains a button asking "Need Help On This?" For help, simply click on the button and a help screen will pop up explaining all the features of the current screen.*CuteFTP Help - For users new to the File Transfer Protocol, this program contains a screen for help using CuteFTP.

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Home :: Search Tools ::  AudioLocator 3.0
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