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Aare CD Ripper

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(1). Cool and easy to use Interface! Allows you to rip tracks of your audio CD just by one click. (2). CD directly to WAV, MP3,WMA,OGG with high speed, no temporary WAV file involved, saving your hard disk life. Use SSE,3DNOW,3DNOW and MMX for speedup. (3). New Anti Crackle function helps you avoid creating WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG files with boring crackles on some computers. (4). Gets album information from remote CDDB server. (5). Supports multiple CD-ROMs. (6). Supports ID3 tagging. (7). Built-in CD Player. (8). Registered users can rip your audio CD no limitations and receive free upgrades and support for life.

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Home :: Rippers ::  Aare CD Ripper
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