The PanHandler32 for SAWPro

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The PanHandler32 for SAWPro

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The PanHandler is anexciting new tool for real-time surround sound panning and encoding. Itallows the production of multi-dimensional sound tracks for multimedia,video, video games, television, radio ad spots, and many otherapplications. The newest addition to the FX plug-in line for the SAW32enviroment. The PanHandler can operate on any or all SAW32 tracks. Theselected sound file can be panned anywhere within the L,C,R,S soundfieldand includes a function for easily producing mono and surroundcompatible sound files (file which can be played back on in SurroundSound, Stereo, or Mono). All of this is accomplished without additionalhardware ! The final mix can then be successfully decoded via a Surroundsound receiver/decoder playback unit. All the surround sound encodedevents are played back exactly as they were panned and encoded. Theresult is a remarkably realistic listening experience. And if play backis in a normal stereo configuration, Surround Sound tracks still createa wider, more enveloping sound field for the listener.There is no needfor large, expensive, and bulking mixing consoles as generally requiredfor surround sound panning and encoding. It is all done using software.

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Home :: Plug-Ins ::  The PanHandler32 for SAWPro
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