RhythmnChords 2 Pro for Cakewalk

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RhythmnChords 2 Pro for Cakewalk

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Rhythm'n'Chords™ MIDI FX plug-in for Cakewalk Product line (SONAR™, Pro Audio™, Home Studio™, Guitar Studio™) offers musicians the easiest possible method for creating rhythm guitar parts in MIDI format. Simply enter chord symbols into your measures and select a rhythm pattern and your guitar part is ready. Even beginners can quickly create professional quality rhythm guitar parts.

Rhythm'n'Chords is the best choice if you want to:
- Quickly and easily create professional sounding guitar accompaniments;
- Use rhythms ever played by the famous guitar players in your guitar tracks;
- Create guitar arrangements in mere minutes and capture your musical ideas on the fly;
- Easily fit guitar parts into your arrangements and make them more expressive and colorful;
- Create sophisticated harmonic progressions on a mouse click, not being a guru in chord voicing theory;
- Quickly learn the sounding of various chord types and main principles of chord construction and voices leading;
- Train your rhythmic feel and better understand the nature of rhythm guitar parts in various music styles and arrangements;
- Explore any guitar accompaniment styles and play along with numerous sample songs.

Rhythm'n'Chords is a unique combination of a powerful tool for any composer or producer, a program for musical education and a sophisticated reference source for anyone who deals with chord construction and guitar rhythmic textures. We hope Rhythm'n'Chords will become the regular part of your sequencing sessions, or if you are a guitarist, will help you further improve your performing experience.

Rhythm'n'Chords is capable to install additional guitar Styles from Guitar Rhythm Pattern Library. Additional guitar Styles with great variety of guitar rhythm phrases and techniques are available. We offer hundreds of professional quality guitar rhythm patterns in a wide range of music styles.

System requirements
Any* sequencer with support of MIDI Plugins (MFX) technology (Cakewalk SONAR™ 1.x, 2.x, Pro Audio™ 8 and higher, Guitar Studio™ 2, ...)

MINIMUMWindows 95**/98/ME: Pentium-class 200 MHz, 48 MB RAM
Windows NT/2000: Pentium-class 300 MHz, 96 MB RAM

RECOMMENDEDWindows 95**/98/ME: Pentium-class 300 MHz, 96 MB RAM
Windows NT/2000: Pentium-class 400 MHz, 128 MB RAM

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Home :: Plug-Ins ::  RhythmnChords 2 Pro for Cakewalk
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