PanHandler for DirectX

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PanHandler for DirectX

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Bring your project's soundtrack to life with the same surround sound encoding used in theaters and home theater systems. Fly-bys, precise stereo imaging and mix automation are as easy as dragging your "pan point" from one side of the PanHandler's window to another! Once you have produced a stereo soundtrack encoded for surround sound with the PanHandler, it can be accurately played back with any surround sound decoder or> receiver. If played back with normal stereo equipment, the soundtrack will still have a wider sound with excellent imaging. The PanHandler can be used from inside SoundForge and Wave Lab and other Two Track DirectX-compatible audio software! Due to the nature of DirectX. The PanHandler doesn't work in Multi-Channel Applications like Cakewalk Pro Audio, SAW32/SAWPRO, and Cubase VST. Also it doesn't work well in Cool Edit Pro (CEP uses very large buffers which make> real-time panning difficult).

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Home :: Plug-Ins ::  PanHandler for DirectX
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