PanHandler Discrete 32

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PanHandler Discrete 32

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The PanHandlerDiscrete is a Professional Multi-Channel Panning Plug-in forSAW32/SAWPlus32 and SAWPRO. It brings multi-channela panning to the SAWenviroment. Current speaker formats include QUAD, LCRS, and 5.1 speakerformats. The PanHandler Discrete uses 32-bit of resolution for SAW32 andSAWPlus32 and 64-bits of resolution for SAWPRO. The PanHandler DiscreteProfessional can operate on multiple tracks where each track can bepanned and/or positioned anywhere in the virtual panning areaindependently of one another. If you are working on 5.1 project thenthere is a LFE plug-in which is used for generating the 3Hz to 120Hz LowFrequency Effect signal. This help file also contains information on howto use the LFE plug-in.

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Home :: Plug-Ins ::  PanHandler Discrete 32
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