MP3 Manager v2.5 ID3Edit.dll

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MP3 Manager v2.5 ID3Edit.dll

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With MP3 Manager and MP3 Data Engine you now can: Search entire drives or folders for MP3's in seconds, mass edit of ID3 v1 & v2 tags, built in file renaming utility, create web pages, create samples of MP3's, create outgoing Email messages with MP3's attached, create playlists and export song lists in text delimited format to import into Excel or Access, store references to thousands of MP3's and access them in seconds, rank songs, view statistical information about your MP3 collection, store album cover images and much more! This utility is designed to look and work similar to Explorer, but specifically designed for MP3's. MP3 Manager is NOT a MP3 player. You need a separate player installed on your computer. The latest version of Winamp is highly suggested. Visit for more information. MP3 Manager v.2.5 also requires you have a web browser installed on your computer. This is used for printing. Luckily we aren't requiring you use any particular type, just one that is fairly recent.

You can use your registration code to activate ID3Edit.dll!Developers, now you finally have an ActiveX.dll that you can use to finally write your own applications in Visual Basic & VBA to edit ID3 v1 & v2.3 tags!

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Home :: Music Management ::  MP3 Manager v2.5 ID3Edit.dll
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