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MP3 List Maker

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Author: Jason M. Greene
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Program options description:
You can include or exclude the following information:
- enumeration
- playtime (length in format min:sec)
- kbps rate
- file size (in kilobytes)
- date of file creation or date of file addition to the list
- path
- volume label
- header and footer messages from external files
You also have the following options:
- search all drives, single path, or multiple paths (useful for browsing multiple cd's)
- sorting (alphabetically by filename, on or off; if on, can be internal -may be slow if you have more than several thousand titles- or external -recommended, but requires that you go to options menu and find DOS interpretter and sort.exe, either automatically or manually if automatic search files-)
- list appending (add new titles to your existing list)
- minimum file size to be included (in kilobytes)
- maximum file size to be included (in megabytes)
- append spaces to the title, so that the text or plain html list is formatted like a table
- include system & hidden files (on or off)
- if an invalid (not a valid 32, 44.1 or 48 KHz mp3 file) file with mp3 extension is detected, you may:
- always discard it from the list
- let the program prompt you if you want to include it to the list
- always include it to the list
and if you choose to include the file, you may:
- omit its time & kbps info
- write "?:??, ? kbps" to the list
- write "-:--, - kbps" to the list
- choose output format: text, html (plain), or html (table)

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Size: 239 Kbytes 
Release Date:  
License: Shareware
Cost: Free to try, $10  to buy.
Supported Platforms:

Interface languages:


Home :: Music Management ::  MP3 List Maker
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