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MusicLab is proud to announce a new series of virtual instruments called SVI (Smart Virtual Instruments).

What is the advantage of our new SVI series over samplers and ROMplers, whether hardware or software based? In addition to samples, any SVI plug-in features intelligent models of the authentic instrument performance.

These models are used while playing MIDI tracks to automatically add nuances and techniques characteristic to this and only this particular instrument, such as vibrato, tremolo, breath, portamento, long note dynamic alteration, and many others.Using our SVI instruments one can achieve unbelievably natural and expressive sound while playing not only manually recorded, but also step-recorded MIDI tracks as well.

SmartFlute is the first DXi2 plug-in of the SVI series, emulating authentic flute sound and performance techniques.

SmartFlute features:

  • 8Mb of high quality stereo flute samples
  • Indian Flute;
  • Pan Flute;
  • Piccolo;
  • Shakuhachi;
  • Flute Tong.
  • 'Smart' parameters/models
  • Porta - adds/controls portamento/breath between some notes;
  • Accent - controls long note dynamics alteration;
  • Modulation - adds/controls modulation for some notes;
  • Tremolo - adds/controls tremolo for long notes;
  • Full automation of all parameters.
System requirements: Cakewalk SONAR™ 2 and higher. MINIMUMWindows 95/98/ME: Pentium 200 MHz, 32 MB RAMWindows NT/2000: Pentium 300 MHz, 64 MB RAM RECOMMENDEDWindows 95/98/ME: Pentium 300 MHz, 64 MB RAMWindows NT/2000: Pentium 400 MHz, 96 MB RAM

See more about SmartFlute at it homepage...

Home :: Music Creation ::  SmartFlute
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