Multicomp XP v3

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Multicomp XP v3

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The Multicomp is the tool you need for doing a professional mastering. It features several enhancement and it will become your secret weapon. It is a multiband mastering tool with a limiter and make gain. Each band can be set very precisely and a wide range of preset will help you to start. The 128 steps vu-meters, the Vtube analog enhancer, and the DSPDEV exclusive shapes are doing much more than compressing.

Forget that this is a only a software. It is more powerful, more creative and does his job better than any one we know, for a budget price. If you want to do a final product and sell it, whatever it is techno, metal, jazz or pop, you can't compete with professional productions without a professional compressor to finalize your mix, create juicy basses, flat snare drums...

List of features :

  • 3 independent bands that can be setup with only 2 button (HI/LOW) for an immediate and easy use.
  • Solo mode for each band. Band on/off.
  • Gain, threshold, ratio; attack, release for each band.
  • Fully Stereo (means 6 band processors, 4 filters)
  • limiter with bypass and peak.
  • Gain IN and OUT. General Bypass
  • Look ahead feature for removing the ugly room effects that are in most Compressors.
  • VTube with bypass specially programmed for adding the magic of the triodes. Amazing results guaranteed.
  • 5 Type of compressions : (3 band stereo = a total of 30 different compression processors !!!).
  • all the buttons have their corresponding number that can be edited for the most control over all the parameters.
  • ultra powerful vu meters that can be use for compression threshold, Vtube enhancement drive or band output level. Very precise (128 steps of animation)
  • 3 level of peaks to avoid distortions and clips, at the band split, before the limiter, at the output.
  • 6 out for all the separate band output.
  • Stereo in, stereo out and midi support for all the parameters.

    See more about Multicomp XP v3 at it homepage...

    Home :: Music Creation ::  Multicomp XP v3
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