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Desktop Guitarist

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Desktop Guitarist is a Windows 95 guitar program for players of all levels. It's a tabulature generator, chord dictionary, guitar tuner, accompaniment player and more. Desktop Guitarist allows you to see and hear chords, scales, exercises and songs on an animated guitar neck with complete control over playback. You can use the sample files to startlearning new material right away or you can easily create songs and lessonsfor yourself and others to use. Chords are entered by just clicking on theguitar neck. Desktop Guitarist can produce graphic or ASCII tabulature,as well as MIDI files.Desktop Guitarist can be configured for any tuning.

With Desktop Guitarist, you can enter music from guitar books and magazinesand hear how the piece is supposed to sound. Desktop Guitarist can playbackground chords to assist you in learning scales and modes. For prac-ticing, you can loop sections, change the playback speed, or step thoughsections one chord at a time. Desktop Guitarist files are plain text, whichmeans they can be edited using any text editor.

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Home :: Music Creation ::  Desktop Guitarist
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