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Do you have old LP or analog tape recordings that you want to transfer to CD? Do you need a tool which can edit your loops, instrumental recordings or audio for multimedia presentations with digital precision? Acoustica is a universal audio editing program that offers a large range of audio high quality tools and effects.

Acoustica offers users friendly and versatile tools for quality enhancement of old LP or tape recordings. Remove stationary noise like tape hiss or let Acoustica add high frequency harmonics to dull recordings. The recording sounds to bright? You can alter the timbre of your sound in almost any way possible with the six band full parametric equalizer. In Acoustica you can hear the results of your settings immediatly due to the realtime enabled effects.

Everybody involved in digital audio editing knows that the editing can be a rather time consuming process. Acoustica offers ultra fast playlist editing. This means no more waiting while the computer moves megabytes of audio material on your hard disk. With the play list you work only with references to parts of the recording, and the original remains unchanged. The result is ultra fast and easy editing. The adjustable cross fade times ensure a high quality result.

New in version 2.25 is support for the mp3 file format (import only).

See more about Acoustica at it homepage...

Home :: Music Creation ::  Acoustica
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