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VMCI (Virtual MidiControl Interface) Plus is a GUI program which allows to send most MIDIdata to a MIDI device by means of gestural actions on the computerkeyboard and mouse. VMCI Plus is fully configurable and provides a totalcontrol of MIDI messages, even without any MIDI interface card andwithout any external MIDI keyboard or controller. This program isprimarily designed to control real-time versions of Csound (DirectCsoundin particular), however it can also be used with any internal orexternal MIDI device or computer programs such as sequencers. Itprovides several panels with virtual sliders, virtual joysticks andvirtual piano-keyboard. The newer version of the program (VMCI Plus 2)allows to change more than one parameter at the same time by means ofthe new Hyper-Vectorial Synthesis control. VMCI supports 7-bit data aswell as the higher resolution 14-bit data that can be handled by thenewer versions of Csound.

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Home :: MIDI ::  VMCI Plus
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