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Using computers in musical studio has become very common. Now computers not only work as sequencing equipment, but also as multi-track digital audio workstations. In modern studio environment a whole lot of computers may be networked locally so that among the other things they can share MIDI data, which makes use of MIDI cables and hardware MIDI interfaces unnecessary. Not only does such a local network (LAN) reduce the necesity of using external MIDI hardware, but it may also drastically increase the effeciency and flexibility of such a multi-computer studio.

We have been working hard to make our MIDI Replicator communicate not only between several MIDI apps on a single machine, but between those on several computers, which finally led us to creating a new enhanced version of MIDI Replicator now called MIDIoverLAN+ - our all-in-one solution for multi-client MIDI device access and communication between MIDI applications both local and over network.

Ever wished to flow MIDI stream over the local network without torturous setups of MIDI interfaces and cables? Fed up with the error message "the MIDI device is currently in use by another application" while trying to access your MIDI device by several applications at the same time? Want to get a fast and jitter-free MIDI connection between different applications in your computer?

MusicLab MIDIoverLAN+ is the best choice if you want to:
- Receive/transmit MIDI events from/to remote computers via TCP/IP network;
- Route transmitting/receiving to/from remote computers MIDI events on local MIDI ports;
- Synchronize sequencers or play MIDI over local network;
- Run your favorite softsynths on dedicated computer;
- Work simultaneously with multiple MIDI programs in Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP;
- Get rid of "the MIDI device is currently in use by another application" error message;
- Use your favorite Synth-Editor (Sampler) together with your favorite MIDI-Sequencer;
- Combine the best of all MIDI programs.

MIDIoverLAN+ features

- Transformation of a MIDI device into multi-client one with just a single mouse click;
- Convenient control panel;
- Working with all Windows versions (9x/ME/2000/XP);
- The most MIDI time accuracy possible;

See more about MIDIoverLAN+ at it homepage...

Home :: MIDI ::  MIDIoverLAN+
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