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Aare MP3 WAV Converter

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(1). Cool interface and mp1, mp2, mp3 to wav, wav to mp3 converting easy to use! (2). The fastest Decoder(mp1,mp2,mp3 to wav) and Encoder(wav to mp3) Engine with high quality. For example: Mp3(4.33M, 4minute) decode to Wav(47.7M): only 10 seconds, Wav(47.7M, 4minute) encode to Mp3(4.33M): only 12 seconds. (3). The speed is faster than any other mp3 to wav, wav to mp3 converter, such as blade or lame and the quality is a lot better. (4). Converts mp1, mp2, mp3 to wav files(CD quality format) ready to burn. Convert wav to mp3 very fast and saving CD audio quality. (5). Automatically normalizes mp3 to wav or wav to mp3 files to a consistent volume level.(6). Support mp3 to wav and wav to mp3 converting in batches.(7). MP3 WAV Converter is not only a mp3 to wav and wav to mp3 converter but also a cool mp3 player. Support playing mp3 and wav in batches. Support playing progress control and volume control. Support play & convert list saving automatically, finishing it anytime.(8). Registered users can convert mp3 to wav, wav to mp3 no limitations and receive free upgrades and support for life.

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Home :: Converters ::  Aare MP3 WAV Converter
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