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SongsToCD - RipperPlayerBurner

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SongsToCD is a program that lets you use your CD Burner to create your own "Mix" audio cds that you can play in any car or home CD player. SongsToCD will let you quickly and easily make your own Audio CDs featuring your favorite tracks. SongsToCD has a built-in track ripper that can connect to the CD information database at to get track information. The built-in player has been engineered to "play-through" so you can listen to a WAV or MP3 file while you are working on your disk layout.

SongsToCD is the perfect program for people who want to create custom "mix" CDs to play in their home or automobile CD players. Whether you're an old hand at burning CDs or a complete novice, SongsToCD's streamlined interface will have you making Audio CDs within minutes.

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Home :: Burners ::  SongsToCD - RipperPlayerBurner
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